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Some people think we are a gym, some people think we are a fitness center, some people call us personal trainers. We are all of those things and none of those things

How does Quadrant Fitness Work?

We pair simple-to-understand education and personalized exercise plans with professional mentorship that meets you where you are and compels you to believe in yourself, consistently.

Our Process

We combine education to instill confidence, mentorship to inspire action, and movement to secure physical freedom. Our process will allow you to feel confident being active, restore peace of mind, and ensure that these are the best years of your life.

Group Mentorship

Group mentorship is personalized programming done in a group setting for up to 6 people and 1 professional leading a session. Each individual continues with their 1-1 mentor who programs and tailors workouts to their needs, abilities and goals and with whom they meet with on a regular basis.

1-1 Mentorship

1 on 1 private training and health coaching with a mentor to begin your health and fitness journey or to take your current health and fitness to the next level. Your mentor will tailor each session to fit your needs, abilities and goals and will work to implement your path to success.

Individual/Remote Mentorship

Individual/remote mentorship consists of personalized programming and coaching tailored to your needs, abilities and goals. Workouts programmed by your mentor to be done during any of our open gym hours or remotely wherever you are.


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